Airbag sensors airbag sensors

00079 Driver Side Airbag Sensor Malfunction

Brake Pedal Position Status Monitoring. Draining Water from Fuel Filter. Connection to the controller for manipulation cabriolet hood. Connection of the digital sound package to the radio. Whatever the solution is I'll post it here, including any Gaffes and balls-ups by professionals or myself.

Behind Catalytic Convertor. Controller for electronic transmission. Short between solenoid wires. Idle Air Control Regulation. Forums Club Information Club Discounts.

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Actuating Variable Control. Guidance assistance temperature protection. Intervention load Management.

It could be that the connectors in the plugs aren't making contact with the pins on the Airbag unit, ati i o communications processor usb driver but how are you supposed to find out? Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the Airbag Codes and meanings? Position sensors in the guidance engine. Electrical Connector - Wheel Speed Sensor.

Battery Ventilation System. Insulation Status Monitoring.

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Control Output Active, Radio Amplifier. Automatic controllers for windshield wiper controlled cycle switching. Consumer disconnection actively. System Not Ready for Activation. Connections to Speakers Rear Right.

Start of Injection Regulation. Interior Light Time limit.

If you can help with any of these I'd be very grateful. Sensor Supply Line - Right.

Catalytic Convertor Excess Temperature. General Technical Modifications. Does anyone know what the likely fault is on a Zaffy for this fault, or is it a trip to the Main dealer? Connection to Speaker Front Right.

But your list does give me heart and a smile too. Maximum engine speed exceeded. Looks to me as though they're selling slow moving stock off cheap.

Hi Marks, that's fabulous thank you very much. Not many like that around is there?

00079 driver side airbag sensor malfunction

Airbag sensors airbag sensors

Have a good week mate Stew. Control Module for Wiper Motor. Switch and Instrument Lighting.

Battery Temperature Regulation. Hoping it passes with flying colours but I'll know by tomorrow evening, fingers crossed. Mixture Control Adjustment Limit.

Ford explorer airbag sensor

Second knock sensor regulator. Sensor Supply Line - Left. Oxygen Sensor Heating Circuit. System Voltage Malfunction.

Side Airbag in the seat backrest or Door. Outside Air in Intake Air System.


Connection Climatronic, combination instrument, interface. No idea whatsoever what this is, but all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Secondary Air Injection System Air. Supply Voltage Guidance Engine. Connection to the computer for navigation.

Steering Assistance Operation. Engine - Transmission Electrical Connection. Connection to Speaker Front Left. Battery Capacity Indicator. Ignition starter switch clamp S.

Ignition starter switch clamp X. Maximum charge air pressure exceeded. What gives me the Gip is the way the things are written. Control Module Increased Current Consumption. Zafira Tourer Zafira Tourer Ordering.

Data Communication Line Faulty. Consumer disconnection inactively. Mixture Adjustment Control. Connections to Speakers Rear Left.

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