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This will aid in the identification of the handgun. The full-length guide rod adds some weight, dating 40 days blog and so does the add-on magazine well. The warranty provides both the original buyer and the buyer's chosen heir with a lifetime warranty on all Elite Series shotguns.

Damn fine pistol which I hope to someday be able to shoot nearly as well as it shoots. Anyway I'll have to wait till tomorrow and try again. Too hard to find another and this one shoots great.

It's a pretty broad range but condition, box and papers and demand play a big part. The same weapon was used in the San Bernardino attack and the Aurora shooting. All of these limited-production and custom knives were made at the Springfield, single mother dating tips Mass. You indicated above that this slide doesn't have the cocking indicator.

It was made around according to my serial number. Please include photos of the slide and side barrel imprinting without the serial number if you wish. At the end of the war, dating free the U.

Find all posts by David Panciotti. What is the manufacture date for a smith-wesson model revolver? If you desire an in-depth response we can provide a formal letter of authenticity.

  • Impossible to answer without a serial number.
  • This firearm retains the M's well-known dimensions, operation, and feel while adding a variety of modern touches.
  • You are a lucky man to have inherited such a family heirloom.
  • The serial number may be right or wrong but it is easier to tell by a photo of the gun where the numbers are imprinted along with the features of the entire gun.

Letter of Authenticity See sample If you desire an in-depth response we can provide a formal letter of authenticity. Your pictures don't blow up for me to examine what you have. Is some online person going to raid my house? The second was a predecessor to the.

Call Smith and Wesson and they will tell you. Springfield, Massachusetts. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

The company was forced to lay off one-fourth of its manufacturing workforce. Redirected from Smith and Wesson. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Impossible to answer without the serial number.

Smith & Wesson Model 41

S & W Model 41 inheritance

  1. We really have refocused our efforts on the big boxes.
  2. Government charged White with causing the retardation of arms development in America.
  3. There are no other identifiying marks on the gun anywhere else.
  4. United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
  5. They are available with aluminium frames alloyed with scandium in either natural or black finishes.

If you don't want to photograph your serial number entirely then just turn the pistol on the other side and take plenty of photos. Mine has the box, cleaning kit, warranty papers and the bag it was wrapped in. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

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Smith & Wesson Model 41
Smith wesson model 10 serial number dating

How can the manufacture date of a Model Smith and Wesson Pistol be determined? Originally Posted by Dave W Anderson. The latter paid an undisclosed amount to settle the case and for the right to continue producing models in the Sigma line. The cocking indicator was dropped for the production run.

Very nice keep it in the family, how about a range report. Find all posts by marshallb. Some gun owners shy away from showing a serial number on their guns in a photo. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is some drug ring going to pick me out as a target? It has almost a cult following. This gun was actually my fathers Uncle's that was left to him, and now I have it.

How to Identify the Date of Manufacture on Smith & Wesson Pistols

No serial number provided. Use a digital camera and use Photobucket or something to store the photos. No way to know without the serial number.

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What is the manufacture date of a Smith and Wesson model with serial number Sxxx? Horace Smith and Daniel B. What is the date of manufacture for smith and Wesson model serial k?

What is the date of manufacture for a Smith and Wesson model shotgun with the serial number F? Find all posts by shovelstrokeed. The mechanism is relatively unobtrusive, is activated with a special key, and renders the firearm inoperable. Part of public company American Outdoor Brands Corporation.

Smith & Wesson
Smith and wesson model 41

One of the finest competition small-bore pistols ever made. Are police going to knock at my door and take it away? What is the date of manufacture of a model smith and Wesson? If your revolver is marked with the Model Number it is not necessary to include an outline sketch or photograph.

S & W Model 41 inheritance


Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. White's vigorous defence of his patent caused a problem for arms makers in the United States at the time as they could not manufacture cartridge revolvers. Gotta kinda look for it as it certainly won't stand out like the red bannered stuff they do today.

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